Monday, August 01, 2011

Glacier National Park

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Lake McDonald in western Glacier National Park

I knew a trip to Glacier meant that there was a likelihood that it would be cold at night and since it's July, it could be hot during the day. Weather + bears meant this was not the place for an extended camping trip with a toddler for us. I know there are pluckier souls out there and you have my respect but my nerves and need for sleep outweighed a desire for adventure.

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So we saw Glacier from the car, which turned out to be nice but short because this park is for hiking! You can see great sights at some of the trail heads and pull-offs, but there is not enough parking at the pull-offs and the road is narrow. You have to be tenacious even if you are just driving through and we weren't so tenacious with a squirmy worm in the car seat so we hit the high points.

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Liam loved seeing the snow.

We saw a huge buck with a big rack of antlers trying to dart across the road and oddly, a big white mountain goat and a ram grazing together near the side of the road. But no bears.

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Not going to swim here...

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Fields of wildflowers all over around here that the camera doesn't pick up but it was lovely.

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Bill enjoying lunch in the parking lot with the dog.

It was super windy that day so we were challenged to find a good spot for a picnic lunch. We ended up making sandwiches in the parking lot of the east side visitor's center and I had a great moment with Bill... I was squatting down between 2 cars to shield from the wind and I'm trying to spread mayo on bread that was flying away in the wind when Bill saunters up and declares, "I want tomatoes on my sandwich!"

Oh REALLY? Would you like stone ground mustard, organic lettuce, and salt and pepper on it too? Let me just pick the bread up off the asphalt first and I'll get right on it.

He now says he asked me if I wanted tomatoes on my sandwich so there you go, two sides to every story but I'm the one that writes the blog. We spent all morning driving through the park and decided to try to camp south of the park at Flat Head Lake which will be my next blog...

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cherelli said...

Beautiful pics, looks like you've scored well with the weather. :)