Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm going to rip your legs off and feed them to you for lunch

I was too busy running to ride my bike much this year so with a whole 2 rides in my legs I challenged my husband to an afternoon bike ride. Riding with my husband goes like this: he gets the bikes ready, I show up like a bike riding diva, and then I spend the rest of the ride in the unglamorous position of staring at his backside and holding on for dear life. Lots of fun, if you're a crazy person.

Given that, I think it makes absolute sense to tell my husband that I'm going to rip his legs off and feed them to him for lunch during our ride. We rode on the Centennial Trail bike path (it was supposed to be a friendly ride) where each mile marker offers something special: sprint points! First wheel across the "line" wins but it's game off if there are people near the mile marker.

There were 15 opportunities for points and it was on at the first mile marker. Well, Bill didn't know that it was on, but he eventually realized something was up when I started sprinting. I didn't get many points after the first, but I found that if I distracted Bill right before the mile marker, then I had a chance. So I came up with several Bill friendly topics: Sophia Vargas! College girls! Ironman Canada! All these seemed to work. Points for Erika!

It ended up very close, 8 to 7. My legs were a little fried by the end of what should have been a friendly ride but you can do these things when you don't have fatigue from weeks of training in your legs.

We tried this again a few weeks later and I held my own until we turned around. Then I called uncle and asked to be towed home. I forgot how miserable that can feel. Bill can hold a solid pace for a lot longer then I can. By the time we got to the hill where we live, I was so bonked he kept putting a hand on my back to get me up the hill. Good times!

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