Monday, June 13, 2011


I finally figured out something important and I have to write this down before the brilliance fades, because anything that I think is brilliant, always turns out to be less than later on. So, before I forget and the world moves on, listen to this: a woman needs a bit of freedom. 

Autonomy. To make decisions (unchallenged) on occasion. Especially after having a child. 

My husband allows me a bit of space (who can blame him) and as such, I literally run around all the time. Mostly on a bike path in a pair of running shoes, without the child in tow. I take an art class, I plan girls weekends. I buy high heeled shoes I might not wear very often. This stuff makes me HAPPY! Because I have a little bit of space and control over my life.

I don't go overboard with it and that is important to note. But this makes me a bit of an outlier amongst the mommy set. I get it, I don't want to spend time away from my husband and child, they are both charming and are my main source of happiness. But I still need to connect to with me so I can be someone I want to connect with.

If you are a new dad, about to be a dad, a long term dad, etc, and you want to give your wife some support, take my advice and make sure she feels some autonomy in her life. She needs it.

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