Friday, March 18, 2011

Races aren't couples therapy

Last weekend I returned to racing, a little post-baby test of my running legs. I was surprised by my results and realized I should be pushing a little harder in training. Even though I'm still far away from pre-baby form, I can do better and that is exciting. Life post baby! I take nothing for granted.

Anyway, at the race I saw a woman being paced by a fit looking guy. She was going a decent pace, probably 7:30/mile and he was encouraging her. She looked miserable.

This is a pet peeve of mine, this couples racing. It started for me in 2003, yes, I hold a grudge that long against people I don't even know. I was volunteering at Ironman Coeur d'Alene and part of my job was to hand out finisher's certificates the day after the race. I had the box of certificates for people who finished 13 hours and under. A couple approached my table, holding hands and looking all happy and in love, and they ask for their finisher's certificates. They finished one minute apart in a race that covers over 140 miles. Just speculation on my part but they probably spent some time together on the course. 

(I'm not with these dudes)

I did Ironman CDA a year later and my boyfriend at the time (he later lucked into the husband role) showed up at various parts of the run course to cheer me on. He had a bike and was cruising around to encourage me. How nice! I think I told him to go to the finish line and leave me alone or he would never see me again. 

At the end of a long race, the last person I want to see is my life partner, the person who knows me better than anyone, saying corny things like, "You look great!" when my hair is encrusted with lake water and sweat, my torso is splattered with snot from misfired snot rockets, and I'm really hoping no one can see that I have half peed my pants several times because my body is in shock from 12 hours of continuous exercise. 

Some of my favorite moments in my relationship with Bill come from our athletic adventures. Hours spent together training or exploring or even lifting in the gym are our forte. On race day, I'll see you at the finish line. We can go to couples therapy later. And yes, you need to use your sense of humor to read this.


SSB said...

I've broken up with many guys over the whole 'cheerleader' thing. I don't need it or want it. I especially don't need or want to hear "you're doing great/looking good" when I know I'm not really doing great or looking good. And the whole "you can do it babe..." blah blah blah... I don't need to be told I can do it. I know that already :-)

cherelli said...

I concur! Relationships are on hold once the start gun goes off!