Friday, February 25, 2011

I don't want to watch other people have fun

Bill and I went out to see an amazing group, "The March Fourth Marching Band" in downtown Spokane last night and had a great time dancing together, something we didn't get to do while living in small town Oregon. The crowd was probably half of what it would have been had it not snowed 8 inches but that just gave us more room to dance.

We got there a little late so I was surprised that only a few people were dancing, it reminded me of the first school dance I ever went to where all the kids were standing around looking at each other. Just awful. I don't understand why people go out to see a great band and then sit on their butts watching other people have fun. Slowly the crowd started getting into it and of course by the last song, the dance floor was crowded.

And that is a cheesy life lesson for you: don't wait for the dance floor to get crowded before you start dancing. You are welcome for that one.

Earlier that day, Bill and I went to the Home and Yard show at the fair grounds so as you can see, we are Living the Life here in Spokane, WA. Sadly, I feel like a truck hit me today and my back almost went out when I was dancing last night but hey, I thought I was cute last night and that's what its about people.

This weekend we have ambitious plans to go outside in the 20 degree weather and rebuild our sledding run before all this snow melts. It will probably do my back in completely but it will be worth it.

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