Friday, December 10, 2010

Where in the world is Tribabe?

Greetings from Spokane, Washington. We are ankle deep in snow and getting ready to head down south to Phoenix for several weeks to spend time with Bill's family. I have been absent for a while now and is still closed. My explanation for this is simple: priorities.

Back when I was hugely pregnant and incredibly hormonal, I realized that I would not be able to keep up with the course I had set my life on once the baby arrived and I was right! The one thing I didn't realize was how much lack of sleep would affect my life but no first time parent understands that until it happens. I still have bags under my eyes 14 months later!

Bill and I decided we had to make a change in our lifestyle to be near family once the baby arrived so we started looking for houses near my family in Spokane, WA. We found the perfect house and made an offer on it and that is when everything started coming apart. I had scheduled a meeting to quit my job so I could help ready us for the big move when Bill got a call from his job: he was laid off.

We had to make a decision: stay in Corvallis while Bill looked for work or piece together financing and take the leap to Spokane. We took the leap, a big risk, but already so worth it. My parents moved in to the house we bought in Spokane and Bill's parents helped bridge the gap with financing until our house in Corvallis sells. Nothing like being 40 and relying on your parents!

This might sound like we are defeated or sad in some way but that couldn't be further from the truth. We have a great relationship going with my parents who have unlimited access to their grandchild and both Bill and I have time to spend with Liam right now while he looks for work. I have a telecommuting agreement going for my job in Corvallis and get to work from home here in Spokane.

In one year we went from 2 well paying jobs down to 1 part time job. This is one reason why Tribabe is still closed. That and I just need time to spend with my son. The hours I used to spend in my garage chasing the passion I have for are now spent hanging out with Wittle Ittles. That is where my passion lies. That doesn't mean Tribabe is over. I plan to re-open in 2011 in time for the triathlon season with some new stuff but for now, I'm just enjoying the downtime after a long and very stressful year.

I would love to share my life with you all again after taking some downtime. Let me see what I can do about that.


JoAnne Gerwe said...

wow, sorry to hear about the job shifting! times are so difficult right now...but how great you are seeing the bright side and hanging in there! it is all temporary, these dynamics, the jobs will be back in full swing soon enough!
i was looking you up for some hats, which i love. several years ago i ordered a handful, they've been great but it's time for new ones. i will be happy when you're back in biz with tribabe! thanks, joanne (aka: kittycat).

MarkyV said...


I love spokane. Now i know someone else there!

Where in town did you guys move? My great friends Haley and Aaron are on the south side.

When you get back on two wheels you HAVE TO go ride down in the palouse. soooo beautiful. that or the scablands east and south of cheney.

It'll all be good and i'll keep waiting for the most bad ass hat production to start up again! :)