Sunday, December 19, 2010

Single momming it

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My husband left last weekend and I've been on my own for 7 days now and I am Tired. Bill left with the Jeep and the dog to drive down to Phoenix to help his dad recover from knee surgery. He stopped in Park City, UT on his way there to see family and managed to get in on a skate ski demo where he got to test skate skis and get free lessons all day long. The next day he took some back roads through northern AZ and saw some amazing sights. I will be traveling by airplane tomorrow with the baby. I hate flying and I will be flying solo with a 14 month old during the week before Christmas. Joy!!!!

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The good news is I will be in Phoenix for four weeks which is awesome, I will get to de-thaw and reboot. And hopefully get some sleep since daddy will be on teething baby duty.

One nice thing about Bill being gone is that Liam took up with my dad for his male attention. There is nothing more sweet and precious than the grandparent relationship. I remember seeing grandparents with their grandchildren out and about in Corvallis during those 3 long years I spent trying to get pregnant and my heart would hang so heavy wondering if I would ever get to see my parents with a grandchild. Now they have 2 grand babies and we live in the same house with them.

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On the triathlon training front: I have been hitting the gym hard the past 3 weeks with one big goal in mind: CHRISTMAS COOKIES! I plan to train hard through the holiday season. We joined the YMCA here in Spokane and it has been fun lifting weights again but I miss my old swim buddies. I have been swimming at night and there has been a few times where I am the last one in the pool which is pretty lonely after swimming with a large group all those years.

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The Original SunnyD said...

Hi Erica, I'm with you in spirit in the pool. My gym is the same way... lonely swimming. We'll find people to swim with soon! But, I think CBATS is irreplaceable.