Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's this?

What's this? A little boy looking like he wants to crawl?

Off we go! There's no going back now!

A new game has evolved in our house, it's called "Keep it away from Liam!"

Trouble? Who me?

Liam's new favorite toy is Marshall's dog dish. A house full of toys and he wants to use the dirty old dog dish to bang his toys on since it makes the most noise of anything he's found so far. Life is good for the little guy now that he can get around. Except for this:

His 2 front teeth are coming in. But we'll get through it. I just survived 3 consecutive weeks of Bill traveling for business. He gets home tonight and I hope he stays home from more than a day or two this time. Mommy is a little tired and needs some time to herself, preferably while holding a fancy drink and socializing with friends or! Riding her bike in the forest and THEN having a fancy drink with friends. Get home daddy!

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