Monday, June 07, 2010

This is the end my friends

The good news: baby pulling himself up on his bookcase to find books. 

 Bad news: baby pulling himself up on his bookcase to find books! 

No more leaving baby to play by himself while we do something really quick. He's mobile. He's rolling, scooting, shimmying, everything except crawling. I'm assuming that's next.

In mommy news: I've gone to the dark side. I got my hair colored today and I'm starting to migrate toward the brunette. I never thought I would say those words! This color wasn't dark enough, I can't wait for next time to add more brown in. Strange goings on around here!

As far as my mental status: I took the weekend off from stress. I did short workouts, no work, and spent the rest of the time with baby. When baby napped, I watched "Gone With the Wind" with Bill who had never seen it before. It was a relaxing escape. Bill cleaned the house and took care of me. I need a little more downtime and I think I can get myself back on track. No to-do lists for a while though.

p.s. I had to add moderation to comments because of some spammers.

1 comment:

QRgirl (erin) said...

If you can maitain your new darker color whilst maintaining your pool routine:
A: let me know what your trick is or B: what kind of color recipe your stylist used.

sorry to miss you this weekend but it was nice to hear your voice message!