Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's a foot print on my behind

I knew this week was going to be challenging with Bill being out of town on business and me at home with a teething baby (top 2 coming in now) who is trying to decide if he wants to crawl or not. When I got a sore throat Monday night I just hoped I wasn't going to pass it on to Liam. That's all I cared about. Tuesday I felt pretty good so we spent most of the afternoon outside doing yard work and playing in Liam's tent in the back yard. We went to the pool after dinner and wrapped up the day by going for a walk instead of a run just in case I was getting sick. I thought I was doing pretty good for having a cold.

That night I was up most of the night with the worst sore throat I have ever experienced. I couldn't find any cough syrup or other medicine, just a lonely bag of Hall's cough drops that were so old they were stuck to the inside of the bag. Fortunately I've had a solid 6 months of sleep deprivation training so getting through the night wasn't too terrible. First thing in the morning I called the Dr and went to the store for cough syrup and new cough drops. I had to take Liam to daycare on his day off so I could go to the Dr. who surprised me with his diagnosis:

Allergies had kicked by butt! The pollen count is through the roof here and we live in the grass seed capital that puts a choke hold on whatever you have left in your system to breath. Apparently there is a steady stream of suffering people thinking they have strep throat heading to the Dr only to be told to stay indoors and take allergy meds. The only thing that is working for me right now is Benedryl which leaves me stuffed up and with a mild sore throat.  And, totally sleepy. Great for caring for a baby!

We are discussing going to the coast for the weekend so my system can reset. I haven't been able to exercise all week and I'm getting stir crazy and irritable. A good run on the beach will set me straight. I hope it's chilly and foggy there so I can inhale cold ocean air. phfffffff! I'm imagining it now! Breath for me since I still can't.

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