Sunday, June 27, 2010


Recap of last week: allergies tried to kill me, husband was out of town, baby slightly fussy re: teething, mommy needed a break. So! After loading the Jeep with a ridiculous amount of crap for an over night trip, we eventually made our way to the Oregon coast arriving in the afternoon on Saturday. Bill rented us a cabin at a motel near the beach and we unpacked our piles of baby gear and went to the beach. It was gorgeous, sunny, and perfect for relaxing!

For some reason, I thought I could go from a run as soon as I got there. Genius! My sinuses were clearing, but I still couldn't breath as well as I should. So I ran on the beach until I started coughing and then limped back like an asthmatic hippo. I missed exercising all week soooo bad.

Liam enjoyed the sensation of sand on his hands when we let him get to the edge of the tent and we had a lovely day. We tried to go out for dinner at a highly rated thai restaurant nearby and after waiting well over an hour in an empty restaurant for our food, I had to ask for it to go. 1.5 hours later, we were back in the car with to go containers and ate dinner after Liam went down, around 9pm. Long day!

On Sunday, I went for a shorter run and Bill went for a long run when I got back. We reloaded the car with the massive amounts of gear, ate an amazingly fast and delicious breakfast (seafood omelet) at Wildflower Grill and then hit the outlet mall before heading home. It was a simple but gear intensive weekend. My sinuses are clear for now but just give the grass and pollen a little more time to get back in my system and I'll be choking and wheezing again.

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QRgirl (erin) said...

Do you have a neti pot? Maybe try flushing your sinuses with it daily for allergy relief.

PS Liam is the cutest baby in the world.