Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mud on my face

After we got back from Phoenix, Bill had to head right back out again for business travel to Vancouver. Liam isn't having an easy time either, he is cutting his top teeth now and is on the verge of crawling so he is frustrated and letting us know about it. This means a lot of low level whining and low level headaches.

Daddy came home and mommy needed a break so I met a friend at the Oak Creek entrance of the McDonald Forest and went for a mountain bike ride in the rain. I don't know what I was thinking, I didn't have gloves (for crashing) or a jacket (for freezing) but I did manage to borrow a jacket from Heather on my way out.

As I was descending into the first switchback and I locked up the brakes, I realized that it had been quite a while (2 years) since I'd ridden a mountain bike and that I never rode on the trails in the rain before. I took every turn and technical section super easy and even walked one steep little pitch. In other words, it was a pathetic show but I didn't crash and the wet tree roots and slick rocks were tempting me toward the ground a few times.

The forest around here has two distinct features: you are either heading up or you are heading down.  It's steep. It started raining really hard by the time I hit the descent so I froze my knees off coming back. And I love Oregon because..?. By the end, I was covered in mud, even my sun glasses had mud on them. Sunglasses? All in a 2 hour break from baby!

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