Friday, June 04, 2010

Dream the impossible dream! 7:20

I just loaded some photos online from Liam's modeling session a few weeks ago, go check them out! Four different photographers took photos of Liam at Danielle Anthony's studio during a training session on lighting. Super precious and fun.

I had to move out of my office at work this week and help with moving a bunch of other people too, they are remodeling our office again. I will be working from home for the next 4-6 weeks minimum. I plan to go into the office MWF and show my face, otherwise, I will be home. Bill works from home so we will have to split the house somehow so we don't drive each other insane. I have an amazing office at OSU with a wall of windows but I voluntarily gave it up so a full time person can have it. It doesn't make sense for a part time person to have such a sweet office. When I return, I won't have a single window.

My lane mate in swim class sabotaged me today, she told coach I wanted to swim 500 for time before I showed up for class. I was surprised coach called 500 for time until he let it out that someone requested it. Luckily, I seem to be over 500 swim anxiety and I *seem* to be able to bang it out now without freaking out. I swam another huge PR and finished in 7:20 which I was proud of, that's 15 seconds faster than last time. I think if I keep working I should be able to drop some more time without too much trouble. I'm finally starting to swim what I'm capable of, what was I doing before?

What have I been doing anyway? Truthfully, I'm struggling a bit with anxiety due to stress. I'm not getting enough down time and things are piling up on my to do list in unhealthy proportions. So I'm giving myself permission to do that which makes me happy and to not plan for a while. I will get back to this later, I just don't want to dwell on it too much. Sunshine tomorrow will help! We are having record rains here and I'm tired of being drenched.


cherelli said...

Well done on your 7.20 500m swim time, that's awesome! Obviously you have that swim corner covered, good luck getting the other areas of life gradually stashed into their proper corner too. We are hanging out for sun here too...I believe tomorrow is the day (fingers crossed)

Robyn said...

Congrats Erika! That is a great swim time- please feel good about yourself. I think about your rockstar swimming often. I'm swimming slower than when I was pregnant and cannot figure out why exactly. I hope your stress goes down soon!