Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cold and rainy

We left Phoenix this morning, it was supposed to be over 100 degrees there today, and you can guess what I'm going to say about the Oregon weather. It's below 60 degrees and raining. Why did we come home?

Liam enjoyed the trip more than anyone, between the warm weather, swimming pools, and attention from grandpa and grandma, he had a great time. I took myself, my baby, and some clothes and toys, that's it. I left all projects, thoughts, and to do lists at home and just focused on the baby. It was so nice, I really needed to do that. Now I have to let the to do lists slowly back in to my life.

Liam's hair is getting wild as it grows out. More entertainment out of this little guy. The more I slow down my life, the more I appreciate and enjoy him. I have to remind myself that the next time I want to commit to something new. Or finally finish something old.

Liam liked being shirtless like his daddy in the warm weather.  Not sure who is goofier? I'm pretty lucky. It was fun to share them with Bill's family and to enjoy their company too.

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