Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's this?

What's this? A little boy looking like he wants to crawl?

Off we go! There's no going back now!

A new game has evolved in our house, it's called "Keep it away from Liam!"

Trouble? Who me?

Liam's new favorite toy is Marshall's dog dish. A house full of toys and he wants to use the dirty old dog dish to bang his toys on since it makes the most noise of anything he's found so far. Life is good for the little guy now that he can get around. Except for this:

His 2 front teeth are coming in. But we'll get through it. I just survived 3 consecutive weeks of Bill traveling for business. He gets home tonight and I hope he stays home from more than a day or two this time. Mommy is a little tired and needs some time to herself, preferably while holding a fancy drink and socializing with friends or! Riding her bike in the forest and THEN having a fancy drink with friends. Get home daddy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Recap of last week: allergies tried to kill me, husband was out of town, baby slightly fussy re: teething, mommy needed a break. So! After loading the Jeep with a ridiculous amount of crap for an over night trip, we eventually made our way to the Oregon coast arriving in the afternoon on Saturday. Bill rented us a cabin at a motel near the beach and we unpacked our piles of baby gear and went to the beach. It was gorgeous, sunny, and perfect for relaxing!

For some reason, I thought I could go from a run as soon as I got there. Genius! My sinuses were clearing, but I still couldn't breath as well as I should. So I ran on the beach until I started coughing and then limped back like an asthmatic hippo. I missed exercising all week soooo bad.

Liam enjoyed the sensation of sand on his hands when we let him get to the edge of the tent and we had a lovely day. We tried to go out for dinner at a highly rated thai restaurant nearby and after waiting well over an hour in an empty restaurant for our food, I had to ask for it to go. 1.5 hours later, we were back in the car with to go containers and ate dinner after Liam went down, around 9pm. Long day!

On Sunday, I went for a shorter run and Bill went for a long run when I got back. We reloaded the car with the massive amounts of gear, ate an amazingly fast and delicious breakfast (seafood omelet) at Wildflower Grill and then hit the outlet mall before heading home. It was a simple but gear intensive weekend. My sinuses are clear for now but just give the grass and pollen a little more time to get back in my system and I'll be choking and wheezing again.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's a foot print on my behind

I knew this week was going to be challenging with Bill being out of town on business and me at home with a teething baby (top 2 coming in now) who is trying to decide if he wants to crawl or not. When I got a sore throat Monday night I just hoped I wasn't going to pass it on to Liam. That's all I cared about. Tuesday I felt pretty good so we spent most of the afternoon outside doing yard work and playing in Liam's tent in the back yard. We went to the pool after dinner and wrapped up the day by going for a walk instead of a run just in case I was getting sick. I thought I was doing pretty good for having a cold.

That night I was up most of the night with the worst sore throat I have ever experienced. I couldn't find any cough syrup or other medicine, just a lonely bag of Hall's cough drops that were so old they were stuck to the inside of the bag. Fortunately I've had a solid 6 months of sleep deprivation training so getting through the night wasn't too terrible. First thing in the morning I called the Dr and went to the store for cough syrup and new cough drops. I had to take Liam to daycare on his day off so I could go to the Dr. who surprised me with his diagnosis:

Allergies had kicked by butt! The pollen count is through the roof here and we live in the grass seed capital that puts a choke hold on whatever you have left in your system to breath. Apparently there is a steady stream of suffering people thinking they have strep throat heading to the Dr only to be told to stay indoors and take allergy meds. The only thing that is working for me right now is Benedryl which leaves me stuffed up and with a mild sore throat.  And, totally sleepy. Great for caring for a baby!

We are discussing going to the coast for the weekend so my system can reset. I haven't been able to exercise all week and I'm getting stir crazy and irritable. A good run on the beach will set me straight. I hope it's chilly and foggy there so I can inhale cold ocean air. phfffffff! I'm imagining it now! Breath for me since I still can't.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Father's Day

This is what we've been waking up to lately. A baby, sitting up in his crib, looking like he wants to stand up and climb right on out of there. I happen to know a little something about that type of activity because I climbed out of my crib and broke my arm when I was a baby.

So daddy lowered baby's mattress and we'll keep on lowering it until it's time to sleep this baby on the floor.

Liam slept in until 7:30 am today, the latest he's ever slept. Probably because we had him out late at a party. We haven't quite mastered the whole "stick to a schedule" thing but he's sleeping solid. Bill was thrilled that we got to sleep in on father's day.

Then baby took a nice long nap while daddy watched soccer and mommy worked on projects. Liam and I bought Bill a new laptop case for a gift, Bill's old case weighed 47 pounds and looked like it was straight out of the 80s.

We had dinner at a friend's house this evening and got the baby to bed late again. We'll figure out this parenting thing by next father's day! We took the day off from exercise today and just enjoyed close family time.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mud on my face

After we got back from Phoenix, Bill had to head right back out again for business travel to Vancouver. Liam isn't having an easy time either, he is cutting his top teeth now and is on the verge of crawling so he is frustrated and letting us know about it. This means a lot of low level whining and low level headaches.

Daddy came home and mommy needed a break so I met a friend at the Oak Creek entrance of the McDonald Forest and went for a mountain bike ride in the rain. I don't know what I was thinking, I didn't have gloves (for crashing) or a jacket (for freezing) but I did manage to borrow a jacket from Heather on my way out.

As I was descending into the first switchback and I locked up the brakes, I realized that it had been quite a while (2 years) since I'd ridden a mountain bike and that I never rode on the trails in the rain before. I took every turn and technical section super easy and even walked one steep little pitch. In other words, it was a pathetic show but I didn't crash and the wet tree roots and slick rocks were tempting me toward the ground a few times.

The forest around here has two distinct features: you are either heading up or you are heading down.  It's steep. It started raining really hard by the time I hit the descent so I froze my knees off coming back. And I love Oregon because..?. By the end, I was covered in mud, even my sun glasses had mud on them. Sunglasses? All in a 2 hour break from baby!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cold and rainy

We left Phoenix this morning, it was supposed to be over 100 degrees there today, and you can guess what I'm going to say about the Oregon weather. It's below 60 degrees and raining. Why did we come home?

Liam enjoyed the trip more than anyone, between the warm weather, swimming pools, and attention from grandpa and grandma, he had a great time. I took myself, my baby, and some clothes and toys, that's it. I left all projects, thoughts, and to do lists at home and just focused on the baby. It was so nice, I really needed to do that. Now I have to let the to do lists slowly back in to my life.

Liam's hair is getting wild as it grows out. More entertainment out of this little guy. The more I slow down my life, the more I appreciate and enjoy him. I have to remind myself that the next time I want to commit to something new. Or finally finish something old.

Liam liked being shirtless like his daddy in the warm weather.  Not sure who is goofier? I'm pretty lucky. It was fun to share them with Bill's family and to enjoy their company too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

So warm

Greetings from Arizona! We had to bring the baby back to see his grandparents, he hasn't been here since he was 3 months old and now he's 8 months old! The times flies, except at 3:30 am when Liam is crying, then time seems to drag on forever. He has been sleeping so much better since we've been back from Maui, I think he is finally adjusted to teething.

There are no photos because I forgot the camera cable, but I have the camera so I'll post a bunch on Tuesday when we get back. Have a great weekend! We'll be enjoying the warm weather, between the hours of 6am-8am and 6pm-10pm. Otherwise, we'll be in the air conditioning!

Monday, June 07, 2010

This is the end my friends

The good news: baby pulling himself up on his bookcase to find books. 

 Bad news: baby pulling himself up on his bookcase to find books! 

No more leaving baby to play by himself while we do something really quick. He's mobile. He's rolling, scooting, shimmying, everything except crawling. I'm assuming that's next.

In mommy news: I've gone to the dark side. I got my hair colored today and I'm starting to migrate toward the brunette. I never thought I would say those words! This color wasn't dark enough, I can't wait for next time to add more brown in. Strange goings on around here!

As far as my mental status: I took the weekend off from stress. I did short workouts, no work, and spent the rest of the time with baby. When baby napped, I watched "Gone With the Wind" with Bill who had never seen it before. It was a relaxing escape. Bill cleaned the house and took care of me. I need a little more downtime and I think I can get myself back on track. No to-do lists for a while though.

p.s. I had to add moderation to comments because of some spammers.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Dream the impossible dream! 7:20

I just loaded some photos online from Liam's modeling session a few weeks ago, go check them out! Four different photographers took photos of Liam at Danielle Anthony's studio during a training session on lighting. Super precious and fun.

I had to move out of my office at work this week and help with moving a bunch of other people too, they are remodeling our office again. I will be working from home for the next 4-6 weeks minimum. I plan to go into the office MWF and show my face, otherwise, I will be home. Bill works from home so we will have to split the house somehow so we don't drive each other insane. I have an amazing office at OSU with a wall of windows but I voluntarily gave it up so a full time person can have it. It doesn't make sense for a part time person to have such a sweet office. When I return, I won't have a single window.

My lane mate in swim class sabotaged me today, she told coach I wanted to swim 500 for time before I showed up for class. I was surprised coach called 500 for time until he let it out that someone requested it. Luckily, I seem to be over 500 swim anxiety and I *seem* to be able to bang it out now without freaking out. I swam another huge PR and finished in 7:20 which I was proud of, that's 15 seconds faster than last time. I think if I keep working I should be able to drop some more time without too much trouble. I'm finally starting to swim what I'm capable of, what was I doing before?

What have I been doing anyway? Truthfully, I'm struggling a bit with anxiety due to stress. I'm not getting enough down time and things are piling up on my to do list in unhealthy proportions. So I'm giving myself permission to do that which makes me happy and to not plan for a while. I will get back to this later, I just don't want to dwell on it too much. Sunshine tomorrow will help! We are having record rains here and I'm tired of being drenched.