Monday, May 24, 2010


Liam's hair after the dog licked him in the car. The dog makes an interesting baby sitter. I didn't blog last week because my brain was paining me. Not literally, just you know, fried egg brain.

Bill was out of town last week so I had the baby by myself and in addition to work and Tribabe business, I was organizing a fund raiser. It was stupid nuts. I learned my lesson. I mean it this time, I have to stop overextending myself.

The fund raiser was a success and I think people had fun at the event. The money raised will go toward research on the effects of healthy lifestyles on aging. I felt good about whatever effort I could put toward the event but it was a wake-up call that I need to slooow down. Slow down. Slower.

Peas please? Real time update, my feet are cold and Cassie just laid down on top of them. Good kitty. Slowwwww down.

After the swim fund raiser we went to a party at a friend's place and didn't get home until after 8pm so after a really busy week, I took no time off on Saturday. There was an open water swimming race that I was thinking of doing on Sunday but I finally wised up and sat on my butt. I don't know if I even left the house on Sunday. I think I rode the bike trainer for an hour and that was my big exercise for the weekend.

With that, I am over being busy. Baby, baby daddy and I will be taking it easy this week. Hopefully I will have time to blog about it. Cheers!

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