Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just ate some chocolate ice cream with raspberries and fudge sauce which was awesome but what was really bad was I ate it while wearing a running outfit and I didn't even go running. Pathetic. I hate this time of year in western Oregon. We have had enough sunny days that you start to think summer is right around the corner and just when you think you have survived the rainy season, the freaking rain comes back.

Oh, and it gets even worse. I ate the same thing for dessert last night and I stained my one and only Ironman finisher's t-shirt with chocolate ice cream. Bill tried to rinse it out for me but I think it's done.

It's fun to be pathetic sometimes. I've been wearing the same running outfit since 3pm this afternoon. The baby woke up before I got out the door for a run and then it started down pouring. I would have forced myself onto the treadmill but I spent time with baby and vacuumed instead.

I miss running but I know I won't get back to competitive running until after my next attempts at pregnancy. I plan to keep 10 extra pounds on so I can hopefully get pregnant again and I know I just won't be running fast with that extra weight.  Maybe I'll get over it and commit to running again but the risk of injury also concerns me.

I can swim with the extra chub just fine though so no excuses there. It's getting to be about time for another timed 500. Hopefully I won't get BBQ sauce on my swimsuit and ruin that too.


cherelli said...

wow you sound so rational "keeping an extra 10lbs on" deliberately - but at least it means you can enjoy that delicious treat more often and willingly take it easier on yourself when it comes to training...so great to hear you are thinking about child#2 :) Oh - and I have an ability to get a stain on every shirt I get - no matter how much I love it, I'll eventually accidentally wear it when I'm eating something messy....and voila - stained top is now condemned to the "workout" pile.

Fitness Integral said...

Hey lady!
I haven't been on your blog for a while... Little Leia is keeping me busy. :)
Exiting to see that you are thinking of baby #2!
I think you look fabulous!
Hugs from Catalunya :)