Thursday, May 13, 2010


Before the week is over, I need to cover last week! We celebrated Bill's 40th birthday with friends on Saturday. Bill rode 40 miles on his bike then played disc golf with his man friends before joining us for his party.

We had great music and awesome friends and the weather was splendid so we were able to hang outside until the sun went down.

Bill wore his birthday present from my mom, a sun visor with fake hair sewed into it. People seriously thought that was his hair and that he was going through his mid life crisis. It was fun and I think a memorable birthday for him.

This week, Danielle Anthony photography asked if Liam would be a model for a training session with some other photographers. She was teaching lighting techniques and we will get some of the best shots for our photo album.

Liam did really well posing and smiling at the ladies. He was in his element, getting attention from ladies is where it's at! I will share photos as soon as we get them.

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