Monday, May 03, 2010

Don't eat doughnuts and drink pop if you don't like how your photos look

Liam's 1st swim the ocean at Ulua Beach. Why are we going home tomorrow? I'm sure it's raining in Oregon and I have nothing but work and more work to do when I get there. Wah.

Posing at the Grand Wailea before our spa appointment. Amazing spa there and totally reasonable prices. Bill saw a famous comedian there, I saw a bunch of random ladies, some of them nude, none famous.

Bill body boarding at Big Beach. Say that 5 times fast. This is where we practiced ocean swimming before the race. It was rougher here (not shown in this photo) than it was at the race so it was good practice.
Another fabulous state park here on Maui, this one near the airport of all places. We had a picnic lunch here after we visited the Iao Needle.

This morning (Sunday) we did the swimming race which I will write about on another post. After the race we drove around West Maui, another winding and breathtaking drive. Tonight we went to the beach to get in some last minute snorkeling and I got stung by a jelly fish as soon as I entered the water. Got my lip, my neck, and my left shoulder.  I guess the trip is over. :(

This blog title is courtesy of a conversation with my husband who says that he looks fat in all of the photos. :)

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