Monday, May 17, 2010

Banana splits

I might not ever lose these last 4 pounds now that Liam is eating food. Today I fed him part of a banana and kept the other part for a banana split that I'm about to eat. mmmMMM! Regarding the most important news on the planet: the baby has been sleeping better the past few days, only waking up once or twice a night. Today he took his longest nap ever, almost 3 hours. Sweet relief. Let's hope this is the beginning of a good thing, but let's not get too excited, we've been here before.

Liam is eating some finger foods and we added lunch to his day, I think this is what is helping with the sleep at night. Got to keep this boy fueled up.

I'm working on a fund raiser this weekend, a swimming event, and that has kept me distracted but excited. I'm not swimming this year because we have less volunteer support than last year and I have baby Liam to contend with. He's going to help too.

Last weekend we went to a triathlon on Saturday as Tribabe, we had awesome weather and crap sales. People do not want to pay full price for anything right now so at the next event, I'm putting up extra large sale signs. Clearance signs! I need to clear out inventory from last year. The changing economy has been quite an education.

Anyway! Had martinis last week with the girls and then had another girl's night where we went to see the documentary Babies. I've had to diversify my girl's night out options. Having fun! But tired. Still tired.

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