Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windy day on Maui

It was windy yesterday here and there were high surf advisories on the beach so even though we went to the beach in the morning, I never ended up in the water. Well, I went to the awesome aquatic center in the afternoon for a workout so I did get in water, just not ocean water.

Did I mention the community pool has like 20 lanes, is outdoors and is free? Love it! The workout was my final push for this 1.2 mile swim we're planning for Saturday. I swam 4 x 500 as 7:56, 7:58, 8:05, and 8:15. Seems like I slowed down there a bit at the end but by all appearances, I should be able to swim 1.2 miles on Saturday. I found out about the swim 3 weeks ago so I'll just do the best I can, in the ocean, with local swimmers... it might get ugly for me but I'll get there!

Yesterday we had lunch at a restaurant on Kihei (Fred's... a view of the beach, always packed, and OK food) and then went shopping for some souvenirs. Liam charmed his way around the marketplace and the local shopkeepers were falling hook, line, and sinker for his charming smile. He got a necklace from one nice lady so now he looks like a local boy. A really white local boy!

After having an overpriced, not so tasty lunch, we were ready for some home cooking. Bill and I put together a feast for dinner: teriyaki chicken with quinoa and pasta salad featuring local pineapple. I made strawberry daiquiris and while Bill grilled the chicken, Liam and mommy swam in the pool.

It was a nice evening until Bill and my mom started playing Nintendo Wii. Bill loses all demeanor when it comes to sports and my mom is so competitive it gets heated quickly. Right now they are playing baseball and Bill said to her, "Are you pressing every button hoping you get a hit?" and she muttered some about "Ichiro being a dork". I'm not sure how many son-in-law/mother-in-law smack downs there have been in the history of vacationing but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to blows soon. I think there is boxing on this Wii.

This morning Bill took my parents up Haleakala in the minivan. Liam and I stayed back in Kihei and went for a jog to the local mall. It's about 2 miles from the condo but I got dang sweaty in that short 20 minute jog there. I cooled down at an air conditioned coffee shop and then took baby around to some of the swanky art galleries there. Yes, I was wearing running shorts and a sweaty sun visor but Liam kept the dirty looks at bay. He loves art. And ladies in art galleries. He didn't managed to charm any freebies out of them but he did get plenty of smiles.

I have so much fun just hanging out with this kid. Why didn't we have him sooner? Oh yeah, that whole infertility drama. Seems so long ago and forgotten. Exhale.

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cherelli said...

Ha love the idea of s-i-l vs m-i-l smackdown! It's really nice to read how much you enjoy having Liam in your lives; maybe one day I will be lucky enough to say the same thing about my own child!