Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Shark spaz out?

Dang we were busy last week! What even happened? I don't know anymore but it was busy! Life has been getting in the way of workouts but I'm getting enough in to stay happy. I will total last week and this week tomorrow when I blog. Wittle Ittles went disc golfing with daddy and his man buddies twice last week. I'm just guessing but Liam might be a daddy's boy. I'm going to have to try to keep this baby's attention!

This morning we went to a local park to have our family photos taken. Unfortunately it's allergy season around here so my eyes were watering and baby wasn't too thrilled about being outside in the chilly weather but I think we will have some good shots anyway. I'll will put them on the blog as soon as they come back to us.

Liam likes to ride in his wagon outside with daddy when he goes to get the mail. Grandpa and Grandma brought this the last time they visited. My mom said she has to stock pile toys so we don't get overwhelmed by the sheer number my dad picks up for Liam. He's a little excited to finally have some men in the family. Apparently my sister and I weren't good boys.

Liam insists on feeding himself now. I call it wrestling the baby and it's not easy for mommy to clean up.

Sooooo we are getting excited for our upcoming trip to Maui. Thank goodness for Frequent Flyer programs, I'm totally burned out on rainy spring weather. I saw that there is a rough water swim on Maui (in the Lahaina area) while we are there and I'm seriously considering doing it. I just need to get some long swims in and try not to spaz out about sharks. Bill is thinking about renting a bike and riding sea to sky up Haleakala while we are there. It should be an adventure!

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SSB said...

You guys will have fun in Maui. You should do the swim. It's not really rough water...the ocean is usually flat. And the sharks are on the other side of the island. And Bill should ride Haleakala. Such an awesome ride. If he wants any info on it let me know, I've done it twice and can tell him where to plan on making pit stops etc...though it's not really that difficult, since there's only a couple stores along the way.