Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Road to Hell... I mean Hana

I'm blogging from the deck of our lovely condo in Kihei and if I can get 5 uninterrupted minutes, I will tell you about the drive to hell I mean Hana. Yes even on vacation, mommies get constantly interrupted I have discovered.

The road to Hana is a must drive on Maui, it winds through some of the most breathtaking terrain you can imagine. This was my 3rd, and possibly final time doing this drive unless the good people of Maui set out to improve the road around the south east side of the island.

It probably didn't help that I was in the very back of the minivan and it was Liam's longest car ride ever but surprise! Baby fared much better than mommy. He slept most of the way, even over the roughest and windiest roads. Super trooper!

Meanwhile, I'm in the back of the minivan enjoying lower back spasms from all the turns and bumps on the road. Seriously, I think the roads were "improved" by Capt. Insaneo's Paving Co. It looked like some crazy person patched every two inches of the road for a 10 mile stretch. Never again people. I will not do this drive again until I hear they fired Capt Insaneo and his crew.

The scenery was gorgeous, of course, and I would love to bike around the island but there are too many tourists, one guidebook said 1500-2000 people do this drive every day, and the locals drive so fast and aggressive that there is no way I would risk my life biking those particular roads. Most of it is wide enough for one car only and you've got idiots going both ways and no one paying attention. I actually think Kona offers better biking opportunities than Maui, Kona just isn't as pretty. So biking is probably out for me this week. But Bill will ride up Haleakala, probably on Thursday.

My favorite memories from the day were stopping at Waianapanpa State Park for a picnic lunch and meeting a ferret family who lived next to the picnic table we lunched at. Bill said to my mom, "Your job is to protect the baby from the ferrets!" and my mom says "Are they wild ferrets?" and Bill said "No, they're trained, they do a hula show every hour." HA! Actually my favorite memory was of the black sand beach there, it was gorgeous.

Bill and I got out for a hike together to go see the bamboo forest and we raced each other like kids while my parents watched the baby. Freedom! Delicious! Even though I enjoyed the time, I thought of baby frequently and how I can't wait for him to be big enough to race with us. Soon enough!

If I were to do the road to Hana again, I would stay overnight in Hana and drive back instead of going all the way around the island where the road turns to hell. Those are my conditions, are you listening Bill? I love the area but since I'm still nursing a sore back today, don't ask me about it for a few years.

Today we are going to hang at beach again and do some tourist shopping and tomorrow Bill is taking my parents up Halekala in the car. I'm going to stay back with the baby and swim with him at the pool. There is no shade on top of the 10,o00+ crater and that is no place for a baby. I'll skip the windy road and see it again later when Wittles can race mommy on the trails. Ahhh! I made it through an entire blog post! I think daddy got baby to nap.


SSB said...

I've never been to Hana. Someday when I can safely rude my bike there. Then stay overnight. And ride home the other way around.

cherelli said...

What a beautiful area! Looks like a great holiday (minus one day of bad road :) ).