Monday, April 12, 2010


Darn it. Corvallis hosted the Oregon Master's Swimming Championship this past weekend and I didn't participate. Several people got PRs and I stopped in with Liam to watch on Sunday and it didn't look high stress at all. Shoot! I bet the event won't be back in Corvallis for a while. Bummer. Lesson learned: if there is an event in town I'm doing it.

Which means I have to sign up for the Heart of the Valley triathlon at the end of May. I rode the bike course on Saturday and it's pretty challenging for a sprint triathlon. Hilly! I'll ride it again and report on the elevation. I am just going to have to get over my competitive streak, otherwise I won't be doing any events this summer and that would be a bummer as stated above.

I made some flannel pants for Liam, he keeps growing out of his clothes and I found some fabric for $2.50/yard, so minus my time they are a good deal! They took about 1 hour to make. I will do an overview of the construction when I get some time. Of course Bill didn't get the memo that they are PJs and took him straight to daycare wearing some pants I made that have peace signs on them. Oh daddy. Liam has a Dr appt on Wednesday, I can't wait to see his height and weight measurements, this kid is a beast. One thing I have no regrets about is this kid.


Robyn said...

Laughed out loud about the pj's going to daycare. That will happen to us- I just know it. I made Quinn some pj pants and tops and one top didn't fit over his head! Doh! It was fun to do- I'd love to see your pant pattern.

You should get out there and race some low key events. Your swim PR should give you confidence! I'm ultra competitive too but am forcing myself to do a local 5k this weekend and a duathlon at the beginning of May. And I'm going to try to be happy with where I am at :)

Isn't it amazing how your love and adoration for the little guy grows daily? I'm in love.

maija said...

I have trouble getting out to do races when I'm worried I won't be as fast as I used to be. But I guess the good thing about getting out there is seeing where you are now and moving forward from there. And it is fun to get out there!