Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm with stupid

I'm with stupid but I'm by myself! You do the math. Last week I ran with baby in the stroller, he was awesome, but I was running 10 minutes miles which isn't quite a happy pace for my goals. After that run I set a goal to run 8:30 pace in the next few weeks which would have been fine except today I put the baby down for a nap and then went for a run by myself. Without the regulator (stroller) I went all out. Since I haven't been running that much I have no idea about pace based on feel. I wanted to run 3 x 10 minutes hard (8:50 pace) with a few minutes rest in between to get my heart rate down. According to the GPS, I ran 7:57 pace for the first 10 minutes and then I died.

I couldn't get my heart rate back down below 100 so I set out running again and within a few minutes I knew I couldn't keep it up. I quickly changed the workout to 2 x 5 minutes and ran 7:44 pace which is just way too fast for my fitness level. I walked home after that. Now that I know what sub-8 minute pace feels like, I will stay above it for a few more weeks while I build some fitness. Stupid workout, I hope I proved something to myself.

I think Liam has his daddy's eyes...
I took this photo at night with a flash, imagine how enjoyable that was for daddy.

See! I am tired, I need some eye makeup remover, and my skin has significant sun damage. I will remain white for the rest of my life. No more tanning! Check out my pupil.

Cassie waiting for dinner (now)

Katty has lizard eyes

Marshall wants to go for another run, I think we can do 7:30 pace.

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cherelli said...

Ha - love the eye shots! Great run you did (albeit a bit fast but isn't it nice to know you can go fast???)