Thursday, April 01, 2010

Geezered and tribabed

It's us again! This time in the jogging stroller. Liam has completely adapted to the stroller and had a great time today on our run. He even fell asleep for mommy which was nice considering he didn't nap for very long this afternoon while mommy was out riding her bike.

Today was the one sunny day forecast for this week so I had to get out on the bike even though my only thought was I'm tired. I'm soooo tired. But once I got out on the bike, I felt better, even riding in to a head wind. I rode by myself today which was good, since I'm supposed to be a triathlete. Half way through my ride I got passed by a group of older gentleman, led by one hard core white haired guy who was riding hard with his jacket blowing open in the wind. Not 5 minutes later the fearless leader squirted out of the back of his group, eventually 2 circled back to pick him up but by then we hit a hill and I got to pass the gentleman back on the hill. Sir, you have been Tribabed. Just joking. I love getting Geezered, it happens to me all the time in swimming.

p.s. today was my first brick workout (bike+run) and the first time I looked at my run pace post baby. It was 9:01 pace for 2 miles post bike ride. A place to start, not fabulous, but not terrible either. I'll work with it and look forward to 8:30 pace here in the next 4 weeks. Then... I can't wait to see a 7 on my watch in the pace section!

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maija said...

Liam looks so happy in the baby jogger!