Monday, April 19, 2010

Flipping out

We had awesome weather on Sunday so both Bill and I got our bike rides in and enjoyed the sun. While Bill was out riding I took baby to the park and he sat up on a blanket for about 40 minutes straight. I think he's sitting up pretty well now. I enjoyed watching him look at the trees and try to pull grass and eat it when mommy looked away. The simple things in life are so much more enjoyable in the company of a happy baby.

Too bad baby isn't very happy right now! This first tooth is taking forever to make it's grand entrance and it's wearing all of us out.

Liam is waking up every couple of hours and to make matters worse, he is practicing his roll overs every time he wakes up which makes him even more upset. He's flipping over so much we're leaving him on his belly as much as we can so he gets used to it and stops crying when he does it.
Today we put ice in this little hand-me down gadget we got from one of the Fleck sisters and he seems to like the ice so we'll keep this up even though his little hands were cold from holding the ice part.
He's tired from flipping and fussing all night long. The other big thing we did this weekend is start packing for our trip to Maui! I have been thinking about this trip every night for weeks now and I have a lot of time to think in the middle of the night so I'm ready!

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