Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aloha from Maui!

We arrived on Maui Friday around noon and I was instantly relaxed by the warm ocean breezes. The first time I traveled here with Bill we rented a convertible to zip around the island but this trip we had our choice of minivans to rent. Times have changed! After loading up the sweet Kia minivan with our mountains of crap including a car seat, stroller, two large suitcases, two carry-ons, a baby bag, Boppy pillow, biking helmet, and laptop bag... we were exhausted. OK not really, but traveling with a 6 month old has to be higher maintenance then traveling with Paris Hilton.

We are staying at a condo in Kihei but we couldn't check in until 4pm, so to kill time Bill and I went to the aquatic center and took turns swimming 1000 yards each just to shake off the airplane stiffness. The pools here are large, outdoor, amazing and free! I will get a photo next time we are there.

My parents didn't arrive 8pm and Liam greeted them appropriately. We were all exhausted and 3 hours ahead so we made it to bed at a reasonable hour which was good since Liam was up at 5am Maui time.

We spent Saturday morning at the beach with a some nice locals who were getting drunk at 9am. They were friendly drunks so it was cool. We found a spot to setup under a tree which was key because we have to keep this baby out of the sun. So far, so good.

I brought a beach tent but it was so hot on the beach we set it up in the shade in the grass for Liam to nap in. He is traveling really well, he seems to enjoy every new environment and I don't think I've seen him happier. This morning he learned to clap his hands together for the 1st time. Now we can share applause with him. Island life suits the baby!
In the afternoon we drove to west Maui and went to the Lahaina mall (air conditioning) and then to Ka'anapali Beach Hotel for a steel guitar festival. They had hula dancers for some of the tunes and a guy with a beautiful tenor voice. It was a nice welcome to Hawaii, my only sadness was there was not more people there to enjoy the free, amazing music. I will update our trip photos in my online photo gallery daily.