Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here we are! I fell off the blogging wagon, I think it started with a bad night of sleep but who can remember these things? Here is what I do know, I went on a bike ride with one of my mom friends today and she put the hurt on me. woo! My face is warm 4 hours later. We hurt ourselves trying to chick this poor guy. We passed him on an uphill like he was standing still, then we promptly died. We deserved it! At least he didn't find out that he got chicked by two new moms!

I'm going to be sore tomorrow, and the next day. Liam looks pretty good here but he's still sick, I can hear him coughing via the baby monitor right now. I am calling the Doc tomorrow, I hate to get him on any meds but this poor kid has been sick long enough.

Liam looking at himself in a little mirror on his hand-me down exersaucer. He just started with this thing yesterday and it looks like a winner. Whatever entertains baby and gives mommy more time to get dishes done. HA HA! Thank goodness I exercise, otherwise, that last statement would be brutal!

First attempts at sitting up. He wilts over after about 10 seconds of sitting up. I know how he feels!

Here are the weekly workout totals: h:mm
Swim 2:10
Bike 3:30
Run 1:20
Walk 1:10
Weights :50
Core :35

Still sucking at core, I don't know what I'm thinking by skipping it, like this belly is going to tone itself. I have lost about 1 pound in the past 2 weeks which seems BAD but I have noticed a change in my body, I'm gaining muscle, so hopefully weight loss is around the corner. Running is feeling better, I can't wait for my first genuine runner's high! It will probably come seconds after chicking my first dude on the trails. ;-) Just kidding folks!

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