Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When to buy flowers

Liam's new fun trick is to yank off his socks and then stuff them in his mouth. He won't let go of the socks either and if you try to say "no no no" he laughs. Well little dude we'll see who the joke is on when we show this photo at your wedding reception!

I took him to the Doc yesterday and he has an ear and sinus infection so baby is now on antibiotics. You would never know this kid was sick if you were around him during the day because he's cheerful and happy. But at night he coughs and cries. I was exhausted this morning from staying up with the baby so I decided to skip weightlifting and running and went to go buy my childcare provider a small bunch of local flowers. Turned out to be a genius move because the meds gave Liam explosive diarrhea right before I got there. She had just finished cleaning him up and he was happy again! He got me later so it wasn't like I got out of anything special!

New topic: Bill and I bought this electric skillet recently after using one at his parents. I love it and find myself using it constantly. This is potatoes with peppers, onions, garlic, and shallots (yummy breath) which we had on Saturday and then on Sunday we had the leftovers in a breakfast burrito with cheese, salsa, and pork sausage.

Our other useful kitchen help is the good ol George Foreman grill. This grease came off pork sausage which was plenty tasty without the grease. I think it had ginger in it. YUM. I am really enjoying changing things up in our food purchasing and diet. Eating less meat and less processed foods has changed how easily things move through my digestive system and I feel better. My body was still messed up from pregnancy for a while but I'm coming around. I am still sketchy with chicken after getting averse to it during pregnancy. I have no desire to eat it unless it's unrecognizable (in some other dish).

I'm off to bed, hopefully the baby will skip the hour long coughing and crying fit we've had the past two nights and sleep like the precious soul he is.

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