Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warm, cozy, and numb

I'm focusing on food this week, if I didn't make that clear. Wild blueberry pancakes and yogurt this morning, not quite as filling as the other meals this week but tasty. Snoqualmie Falls pancake mix is the best, get it if you have access to it, and Nancy's yogurt too. I'm going to try crepes later this week and see how long it takes, the pancakes are pretty quick.

I had to go to the dentist this morning to get two crowns replaced so Bill took some time off work to watch the baby while I was away. When I came home they were both out in the garage, the baby still in his jammies with one holey sock on one of his hands, apparently as an old sock glove. These are the moments that make mommies feel all warm and cozy inside!

Liam looking adorable wearing a sweater my former boss knitted for him. I went swimming a few hours after my dentist appointment and my mouth was still numb so I had to breath between strokes with part of my mouth since the other part was numb and felt like had taken a ball to the face. A new swim experience for me! Whatever it takes to mix things up.

Wittle Ittles in some knickers I got on Etsy. It was either knickers or a super hero outfit. I think that will be next.


SSB said...

Looks like compression tights to me. Wish they made them in my size ;-)

SSB said...

One more breakfast food you might be able to get there...Coach's Oat. A lot like steel cut, but you can microwave them. Way better than instant.

Top Dog said...

Try Fage greek yogurt. Get the 2% kind as it has something like 18grms of protein per serving but very few calories and fat. Honestly the best breakfast food I've found to fill me up and keep me full through the morning. Add some honey, berries, or granola and yum yum yum.