Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shadow of my breast

First, this is not about what you think! I had a meeting at the library on campus today so I grabbed a notepad and pencil and furiously took notes at the meeting. I didn't wear a jacket since it was just across the street and I had on a nice blue turtle neck sweater. I hit the bathroom before heading back to my office, thank goodness, because I saw in the mirror that the pencil on the notepad had rubbed off onto my chest making what looked liked two distinct shadows beneath my breasts. Fortunately, the spots came off with some water and rubbing. But good grief! I am a walking disaster sometimes.

I'm trying to cut back on sugar so I got this "no sugar added" ice cream only to have Bill find that it's full of Splenda, fake sugar. Gross! Not even the wild blueberries would save this for me. Back to full fat, full sugar ice cream for me but once or twice a week. Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post! Keep them coming! I'm breaking out the crock pot soon (thanks sun safety barbie!) for chili.

This morning's breakfast was awesome! Egg sandwich on whole wheat english muffin with avocado on the side. YUM! The contraption next to the sandwich is what helped me kick the latte habit. You put warm milk in it and pump it and it creates frothy milk. Excellent. I have to save money when I can now that I work part time so quitting lattes was a good idea. Still trying to get ideas for breakfast but I could eat today's breakfast everyday.

Dinner! Steak from local organic farm cost $14.99/pound. Expensive but, if we went out to a restaurant we would have spent more than twice that. Eating local and organic will take some getting used to but if we eat less meat then splurging on local meat will even out financially.

In other random, odd, crazy news, I was at the gym lifting weights today and a guy told me I was looking good and that I should call him sometime. Yeah! Except, it was my husband's friend I think he meant I was looking good considering how hugely pregnant I was and that my husband should call him sometime if he ever gets a life again. Context! My life would be so exciting if taken out of context.

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