Thursday, March 04, 2010

Raspberries solve your problems

Did you know frozen raspberries are high in fiber? Liam practices his raspberries as soon as he wakes up in the morning and he almost has it figured out. I think he's trying to impress an older girl at daycare and today she apparently gave him some smooches so it must be working.

Liam loves grandmas and so do we! We need more grandma time! This is the only thing lacking right now, otherwise, we have adjusted pretty well to life with baby. We're still trying to manage our time better but we're doing well enough that I'm starting to see this kid thing as Bill and Erika's Excellent Adventure.

Whoa baby burrito! Of course, as soon as I say we are doing well, Liam turns up sick. Poor kid! We put him down for a nap this afternoon and he seemed fine. I zoomed out the door for a bike ride and literally as soon as I walked in the door he woke up crying and wouldn't stop crying. I had to give him a bath to calm him down. He was coughing and had a runny nose. Again.

He did manage to scarf down plenty of food despite being sick. Thank goodness our kid is a decent eater. By the way, I shouldn't let him hold the spoon, he bangs it on the table and he actually threw it in my direction last night and hit me with it. Hopefully that wasn't on purpose. That's not as bad as what he hit me with this morning. Motherhood can be quite glamorous!