Monday, March 29, 2010

Me love tickles

Instead of tickling Cookie Monster he's eating him. No sign of teeth here yet and Liam is still not sleeping. I don't know what happened on Bill's shift but I was up with baby from 3:30 am -4 am and then up for good at 5:20 am. Kiddo is not happy. I need to go to bed right now instead of blogging.

When I left for work this morning Liam was asleep on the big couch and Bill was scrunched up on the little couch trying to catch a few zzzzzs. After work I made it to swimming but once again I treated it like a recovery workout. I need to stop doing that and start working harder at swimming. Today I pushed three 200s with decent results: 3:01, 2:57, and 2:55. I can no longer justify a weak 500 time. It's time to do a little time trial and see where I am at post-baby. Perhaps Wednesday?

Speaking of tests, we are a few weeks out from Liam's 6 month checkup. They have a list of skills they want to know if baby can accomplish yet (I know! the pressure is on already) one of which is can baby pick up a Cheerio? Since we aren't supposed to feed baby food like Cheerios, I'm trying to figure why I would be seeing if he could pick one up? Well we tried it out today, I put a Cheerio in front of baby and grabbed the camera. He picked it up and put it directly in his mouth, without missing a beat as you can see in this photo. I tried to pry it out of his mouth before he swallowed but too late! No more Cheerio tests until baby has some teefs to eat them with! Wish us sleep again please, it didn't work last night.

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