Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today was insane. We started out this morning where we ended the night before, with Liam not sleeping well. Bill tagged me off around 3:30 am (he had been up watching basketball in between wake ups). I can't tell you what happened next except I got intermittent sleep and got up with baby at 5:50 am. Then... who knows, I ended up at the grocery store at 8:30 am with a sleepy baby and a long grocery list. We think it's teething that is causing the sleep disruptions. At least we got a few nights of decent sleep.

Bill slept in until 10 am, then I handed baby over to him so I could do Tribabe inventory and finish making 30 Powerdry hats for the Beaver Freezer. It's dumping rain here so I shuffled off to the gym for a quick run and weight lifting. Poor dog didn't get out for exercise today. Honey I can't do it all.

Fat cat enjoying the sun yesterday. Right now I'm working on burning CDs of music I would like to perform with this new band I might start playing with. I think this means I have to rehearse. Or I could just chicken out like I've been doing these past 5 years.

I don't think I could have packed anything else in today. Life fully lived! I hope that baby sleeps tonight, for everyone's sake.

Here are the weekly workout totals:
Swim 1:20
Bike 3:10
Run 1:30
Walk 1:22
Weights :50
Core 1:05

I have to say that I was disappointed with how weak I felt riding Kings Valley yesterday. My memories of that ride are riding strong through several sections, but yesterday I survived or suffered. I am really looking forward to the day when I feel strong again. It might be a while, the rains have returned for the foreseeable future and I'm not too motivated to ride in the pouring rain. Wish us good sleep tonight. We don't need luck, we just need sleep!

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