Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting wild today

Whoa it was a wild day, we stayed home and cleaned the house. I got out for a short run, the only run of the week (oops) and we did a short shopping trip. A nice Sunday!

Next weekend Liam is getting his photograph taken. Hopefully we'll figure out something for him to wear and how to get his hair looking decent. He seems to know how to work with the camera.

Liam lost his privileges today. We've always swaddled this boy but now that he's 5 months old he decided he doesn't want to be swaddled and he wrestles around in his crib until he gets free. I found him with his arm hanging out of the crib one day and the next day he was on his belly with a leg hanging out. So it was time for bumpers in the crib but I wanted bumpers that wouldn't increase the risk of SIDS so we ordered these breathable bumpers on Amazon. Liam is trying to figure out how to thwart these now.

This week's totals:
Swim: 1:55
Bike: 3:40
Run: 25
Walk: 25
Weights: 0
Core: 20

Another bad week for core, someone should do something about that. This was intended to be a recovery week but I think I took that concept a little too far. Back on track next week. Que the Rocky soundtrack!

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