Saturday, March 20, 2010

Case of the Mondays

No Mondays around here! Just a great weekend. Bill went out of town and left us for 3 days earlier this week. I was worried, I'm not going to lie, but Liam is at the age now that we can hang out together and enjoy each other's company. It's less work and more fun and being mommy is turning out to be more wonderful than I thought. I didn't get the workouts in while he was gone but I could use the break anyway.

If only I had just a little more sleep, life would be perfect. Today was another gorgeous sunny day here (so surprising for this time of year!) so I ran out the door this morning to get on my bike and meet some roadie gals for a ride. Once again, I got the hurt put on me. Eventually I will get back into shape but for now it's suffer time. At least the sun was shining! As soon as I got home, Bill ran out the door for his exercise and then as soon as he got home I ran out the door with Sunny to go the the spa for her birthday. We had fancy showers, fancy steam room, fancy retreat room, and then fancy pedicures. When I got back home for the final time, no one was here. That is not a feeling I like anymore. When I was at the spa I saw a woman snuggling her daughter on the couch and it shot straight to my soul. I am so lucky to have a child to share my life with. No bad Mondays around here. Just another great week!

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