Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The weather doesn't matter

It must be spring! On Tuesday we had sunshine and temps in the mid-50s so after work I got out on the bike again, for the 2nd time in a year. Just a quick hour long ride but it was wonderful.

Today I was off work but I had a meeting on campus so I packed Liam's stuff and went with me. He did great and slept the entire time. Then I drug him around my office and let everyone hold him, I love the smiles he brings everywhere he goes.

After lunch we had a short nap and then put on our rain gear, because it was pouring rain (spring?) and loaded the jogging stroller in the car and headed for the trails.

Where am I going in the rain?

Once we got up to the Saddle, I could see it was raining pretty good. Typically the trees shield a lot of the wind and rain so it's usually nicer in the forest but it didn't look so good at the start. Bill ran the 6.6 mile loop with the dog while I pushed Liam uphill in the stroller for about 25 minutes to the first turn where it starts to get flat.

We have a rain coat for the stroller so Liam was snug as a bug inside and fell asleep easily. I, on the other hand, was huffing and puffing pushing 25 pounds of baby in the stroller and lugging 15 extra pounds of fat on my body. It didn't feel the way I remember it felt the last time I ran here. I got back to the car just before Bill and even though we were wet, it was great to get Liam out on the "trails" for the first time.

We hustled home and I threw together some "recovery" soup (tomato soup + V8 + veg broth + diced tomato + macaroni + fresh spinach + swiss cheese).

After dinner Liam had a warm bath and went straight to bed and that's where I'm heading too here shortly. A nice week so far!

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