Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wear tights to hold in jelly belly while running!

Yes I will be putting a million photos of my child on my blog. And yes! I will update my blog header, I am waiting for a good idea to strike me. I feel creative about once a month and that hasn't happened for a while... I wonder? Anyway, today was good: I cooked, I cuddled, I watched some olympics, went for a run with the baby and did laundry.

Typically, I get cabin fever during the winter. I still have it this year, I just can't do a lot about it. Sometimes when the cloud cover is low and isn't moving, I feel claustrophobic and worry I'm going to end up on meds or something. That's when it's time to start trip planning or just get the heck out of Corvallis. Liam isn't quite on board with that plan yet so I spend my early morning awake hours with Liam fantasizing about our future active life. I miss camping with the dog and convincing Bill to load the car full of stuff some we can pitch a tent in some random place.

I'm not the only one with a poochy tummy around here! For now, I'll just keep thinking positive thoughts about smaller tummies and trips.

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