Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is *not* about how chunky I am

Daffodil time! Every year these come out early and we have a few nice days of weather and everyone (me) goes crazy and thinks its time for summer. Then the rain comes back for 3 more months and we all go truly insane.

I managed to get out on the bike today for 2 hours and oh did I suffer. I managed to talk a man into riding with me (woot) actually he's one of Bill's old friends and in his words, he'd been practicing the luge position on the couch for a while and wasn't in shape. We rode out Bellfountain which is a hilly ordeal that goes past a Christmas tree farm and we turned around at a wildlife refuge so it is a nice ride.

I soft pedaled home in time for Bill to head out on his own ride, Kings Valley, which goes through some of the local wine country areas. Baby decided that he didn't really need to nap today and when I left he was fussing. Bill had to take him away in the stroller so I would leave. It sucked! All was well when I came home, baby was asleep in his crib so I showered and ate lunch and then WAH! Baby was done sleeping for the rest of the day. So we got to cuddle and hang out together. Nice!

Here are my totals for the week:
Swim: 2 hours
Bike: 3 hours
Run: 1 hour
Walk: 48 min
Weights: 35 min
Core: 25 min
I need to do more core work so I will try to focus more on that next week.

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