Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet potatoes!

Guess what Liam had for dinner? After having sweet potatoes for the first time, Liam slept from 7 pm - 6:15 am. Of course we were still waking up to check on him but if he can keep this up, we'll get over that! Please don't let this be the first and last time he does this! I was starting to give up on ever sleeping again.

The parenting books and articles say that solid foods aren't supposed to make kids sleep longer but uh, since we've been feeding this kid solids, he has been sleeping better. You do the math. I'll take the sleep!

Our big plans for the weekend are to take Liam to his first kid's birthday party and to get in a bike ride and a run during the one time it isn't raining. We have rain in the forecast from here to eternity. Less than 60 days until our Hawaii trip so I think I will survive the Oregon rain another year.

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