Friday, February 12, 2010

My funny valentine

Look at what Liam made mommy at daycare today! I can't tell you how happy these little things make me. It's like peace, warmth, and joy flooding my heart all at once. This over some paper hearts on top of pipe cleaners.

Two funny valentines!

Something important happened today: Liam started rolling over. This means no more leaving baby to lay by himself on the couch or other places. From this point forward, we have to keep an eye on this little guy and make sure he doesn't get himself in trouble. No more tiny baby.

How did this happen? It seems like I get to see firsts every couple of days right now, like the first time he saw himself naked in the mirror and he exclaimed "ooooh aaahh!" I just want time to stand still for a few days so I can take it all in and just hold on to these moments. Our Wittle Ittles isn't little anymore.

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