Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Getting things done from my sickbed

Hi! Sorry for the delay in programming, I was in survival mode for the past week and the blog was low priority. One good thing did happen while we were sick. I was lying in bed, checking my email and being miserable when United Airlines sent out an email blast that you can fly to Hawaii for 32,000 miles (instead of 40,000). Bill and I both happen to have that many miles and we had previously talked about going to Hawaii post baby when I was pregnant.

So guess where we are going at the end of April? Maui! For 10 days! And we're bringing my mom so she can hang out with the baby while we snorkel and hike and have fun. I can't wait!!!! We're booking a condo today so we'll be able to cook our own meals and have a nice home base in Kihei across the street from the beach.

Bill took Liam out to work in the garage so mommy could have a break. I could sleep for a week straight right now. We're still congested but doing better. Last night, Liam slept from 7:30 pm to 3:45 am!!!! Then he slept from 4:15 - 6am before I brought him in bed with me and we slept in until 7:30 am. His best night of sleep ever. If he does this again, I might actually survive 4 months of sleep deprivation. I have Wednesdays off from work and love spending the day with baby.
Being sick put me behind on training. Who am I kidding? I'm not training, I'm just getting workouts in occasionally. I did manage to go lift weights yesterday, something I know I have to do in order to transform my body, and I better get used to feeling sore because I was lifting the little weights and I'm tender.

Liam and Bunny F00 Foo

My former boss loves Liam and on Wednesdays she likes me to bring him to her office during lunch so she can babysit while I go swim. It works out for everyone! I might try to do girl's night trainer ride so that will be 2 workouts after lifting weights yesterday. Getting out of bed at 3:30 am to feed baby might be challenging.

Liam learned to walk while we were on blog break! I love those jammies. Anyway, we are doing better around here but I had a moment of clarity during all the sleep deprivation and sickness. I'm really not that tough. Somehow, I convinced myself that because I work hard and exercise a lot that I was somehow tougher than the average person. Being a parent has clarified something important to me: I'm not that tough. I just like to workout. That doesn't make me any tougher than the typical soccer mom who works her butt off carting kids around and struggling to balance life. It was a good lesson in humility.

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D said...

WOOHOOO! GREAT news on the trip. You (all) deserve it!

BTW... I think it's time you change your blog header. You've got something to add to it now ;)