Saturday, February 27, 2010

Attach 21 pounds of butter to two rubber bands

There's more than a baby on my hips. I went trail running today and my legs felt like two rubber bands with 21 pounds of butter attached to them. I am 21 massive pounds over race weight right now. The good news is that I don't have to lose all of those pounds yet, only half, because I want to try for one more baby (in a year or so) and it doesn't seem like I can get pregnant at race weight. So 10 pounds to lose over the next 3 months shouldn't be too awful but it feels awful right now! Regardless of all that, right now I'm hauling some serious ass around. Sorry. That's what it feels like.

I did manage to spend an hour walk/running on the trails this afternoon, 4 minutes running then 3 recovery minutes walking. My legs hurt from this effort which sucks, I've been working out for 3 months now, you would think I would be in better shape than this. wah. If you ever think "Who cares about a few pounds?" Go get a pound of butter and rest it on your belly or put it next to your thighs.

Bill enjoying some old Tour de France coverage in his man cave aka the garage. Liam didn't repeat his perfect night of sleep last night, but almost! He slept until 3:30 am and then after a small bottle went back to sleep until 6:45.m. If you didn't notice, baby care is all about how much they sleep.
My husband dresses like a peacock. Worked on me obviously. We are both trying to get back into shape after baby. Of course it will be easier for him and he'll get better results than me but I'm not bitter. No, I'm too sweet to be bitter. Sweetness and sunshine, that's me!

Having a baby in the house gives you a lot of good reasons not to work out so Bill and I are really trying to work together to get the workouts in. I like to go when baby is taking his afternoon nap, that way I miss little to nothing of his awake time. At a minimum, the time juggling and will toughen me up. Too bad your thighs don't get more toned from juggling time.


cherelli said...

Ah, but it all looks so worth it. Pretty sure now you have more time to go exercise that 10lbs will fall away pretty quickly (not that you look overweight AT ALL), so pleased to hear you are thinking of #2 already, you must love being a Mum!!

erichollins said...

I have a 15lb cat on my lap right now. I know what an extra few pounds feel like. It's a bit warm, furry, and the sharp points are digging into my thighs.