Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is *not* about how chunky I am

Daffodil time! Every year these come out early and we have a few nice days of weather and everyone (me) goes crazy and thinks its time for summer. Then the rain comes back for 3 more months and we all go truly insane.

I managed to get out on the bike today for 2 hours and oh did I suffer. I managed to talk a man into riding with me (woot) actually he's one of Bill's old friends and in his words, he'd been practicing the luge position on the couch for a while and wasn't in shape. We rode out Bellfountain which is a hilly ordeal that goes past a Christmas tree farm and we turned around at a wildlife refuge so it is a nice ride.

I soft pedaled home in time for Bill to head out on his own ride, Kings Valley, which goes through some of the local wine country areas. Baby decided that he didn't really need to nap today and when I left he was fussing. Bill had to take him away in the stroller so I would leave. It sucked! All was well when I came home, baby was asleep in his crib so I showered and ate lunch and then WAH! Baby was done sleeping for the rest of the day. So we got to cuddle and hang out together. Nice!

Here are my totals for the week:
Swim: 2 hours
Bike: 3 hours
Run: 1 hour
Walk: 48 min
Weights: 35 min
Core: 25 min
I need to do more core work so I will try to focus more on that next week.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Attach 21 pounds of butter to two rubber bands

There's more than a baby on my hips. I went trail running today and my legs felt like two rubber bands with 21 pounds of butter attached to them. I am 21 massive pounds over race weight right now. The good news is that I don't have to lose all of those pounds yet, only half, because I want to try for one more baby (in a year or so) and it doesn't seem like I can get pregnant at race weight. So 10 pounds to lose over the next 3 months shouldn't be too awful but it feels awful right now! Regardless of all that, right now I'm hauling some serious ass around. Sorry. That's what it feels like.

I did manage to spend an hour walk/running on the trails this afternoon, 4 minutes running then 3 recovery minutes walking. My legs hurt from this effort which sucks, I've been working out for 3 months now, you would think I would be in better shape than this. wah. If you ever think "Who cares about a few pounds?" Go get a pound of butter and rest it on your belly or put it next to your thighs.

Bill enjoying some old Tour de France coverage in his man cave aka the garage. Liam didn't repeat his perfect night of sleep last night, but almost! He slept until 3:30 am and then after a small bottle went back to sleep until 6:45.m. If you didn't notice, baby care is all about how much they sleep.
My husband dresses like a peacock. Worked on me obviously. We are both trying to get back into shape after baby. Of course it will be easier for him and he'll get better results than me but I'm not bitter. No, I'm too sweet to be bitter. Sweetness and sunshine, that's me!

Having a baby in the house gives you a lot of good reasons not to work out so Bill and I are really trying to work together to get the workouts in. I like to go when baby is taking his afternoon nap, that way I miss little to nothing of his awake time. At a minimum, the time juggling and will toughen me up. Too bad your thighs don't get more toned from juggling time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet potatoes!

Guess what Liam had for dinner? After having sweet potatoes for the first time, Liam slept from 7 pm - 6:15 am. Of course we were still waking up to check on him but if he can keep this up, we'll get over that! Please don't let this be the first and last time he does this! I was starting to give up on ever sleeping again.

The parenting books and articles say that solid foods aren't supposed to make kids sleep longer but uh, since we've been feeding this kid solids, he has been sleeping better. You do the math. I'll take the sleep!

Our big plans for the weekend are to take Liam to his first kid's birthday party and to get in a bike ride and a run during the one time it isn't raining. We have rain in the forecast from here to eternity. Less than 60 days until our Hawaii trip so I think I will survive the Oregon rain another year.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Now Marshall is using the nursing pillow for napping. Last week I worked out a little too much on Wednesday. After lifting weights I went for an hour long walk/run and didn't drink enough water. The next day I felt like I had a hangover with the bonus of stiff legs and difficulty walking. I was determined not to do the same thing this week so yesterday after lifting weights I only went on a 50 minute walk/run with less running and more walking. Guess what I feel like today? Hungover. This is making me want a table full of martinis.

Liam practicing blowing raspberries. There is a 7 month old little girl at daycare that blows raspberries all the time and now Liam is very focused on perfecting his. As soon as he wakes up you can hear him "mmmbrrmmm".

Baby sporting his robe for the 1st time. His 6 month old clothes are starting to get snug on him. I'm going to have to size up to 9 months on some of his clothes... he's just over 4 months old! Pretty soon I'm going to be complaining about my grocery bills!

Check out the hair line on these two! Liam woke up at 5:30am this morning and I tried to get him to snuggle me in bed for a little extra sleep but he wasn't having it. I said, "Liam, what if mommy cried like you do? What if I said 'Wah! WAH!'" That baby giggled at me. So we went back and forth for a while WAH (giggle) WAH (giggle). I love being his mommy. Even at 5:30 am on my day off.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good day sunshine

Liam's first trip to the beach! We are having incredible weather so we spent the weekend taking turns with the baby while the other worked out. Saturday afternoon we drove to the coast after Bill's bike ride. It was a great time except it was during Liam's nap time and he didn't understand what the heck was going on and told us so.

Sunday was another great day for weather so Bill let me sleep in and after a good breakfast I went out on a bike ride with a friend who also just had a baby. I think we rode for 2.5 hours and it was divine! When I got home no one was here. Bill took the baby out for a run, so I had some time to finish up yard work before hitting the shower.

After dinner, Bill put the baby down while I went to the new Trader Joe's in town. It opened a week or so ago and Sunday night was the perfect time to go. I loaded up on goodies and can't wait to go back for more. They were out of a few things, I think it will be quite popular here.

I came home from work to this scene today. The baby barricaded in with daddy no where to be found. Hmmmm....

Liam's first try with bananas. He was totally wound up like a wild monkey after he ate bananas for dinner. This kid gets more awesome every day which really helps with the sleep deprivation. I think the rain returns tomorrow so it's back to the trainer and running in the rain. It was good while it lasted!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The world through prescription sunglasses

I picked up new prescription sunglasses today that will be awesome for cycling, a luxury I wouldn't normally afford myself except I had over $1,000 in an HSA that I had to spend down in a hurry. I had been squirreling away money ($150/month) to pay for the delivery of the baby but the bill never came. I finally called the hospital and they said, "Your balance is paid in full, there is nothing to pay." This after they quoted me a minimum of $1000 for the delivery back when I was pregnant. Whatever, now I have sweet sunglasses and two new crowns for my teeth that will be installed next month.

I had a plan to take my new shades for a bike ride this afternoon but when I went to get ready I realized my bike shoes were still wet from when Bill hosed me down a few days ago. It's not quite warm enough to bike in wet shoes (low 50s) so I switched gears and took my new shades for a run. By then Liam was napping so I was on my own. I always run with baby in the stroller so this was going to be a lonely but faster run without him.

Yo what up homey? I took Liam to my office today dressed like a gangsta rapper. My old boss is still babysitting him during her lunch hour on Wednesdays. Today I threw some weights around in the gym while he charmed the office ladies.

I wish I could say the run went great, I loved the view with the new shades (trees have leaves? Not blurry blobs?) and started off feeling like Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading. It didn't last though, I'm just too heavy still. It felt like I was running into a headwind but there was no wind. Just jiggle. There's no jiggle on the bike, maybe I will become a cyclist after all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eat this, not that

I picked up a copy of the book "Eat This, Not That Supermarket Survival Guide" at Costco this weekend and I want to recommend it to you for a reality check on what is in the food most of us buy. For example, V8 VFusion Light Peach Mango has 50 calories and 10g sugar per 8 oz while V8 Splash Mango Peach has 80 calories and 18g sugar. VFusion Light has real fruit and vegetable juice while V8 Splash is water and high fructose corn syrup with only 10% juice. It makes you want to read labels even closer.

I don't have any dramatic workout stories to share with you today. I aqua jogged hoping that will help keep shin splints and other injuries at bay. I miss running, real running so much. There is no way I can run again, in the way that is enjoyable to me, until I lose some more weight. The pounds are not just dropping off but I'll get there. And I will appreciate it that much more and I think that is a life lesson I am finally learning.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby win swim fail

Liam Skyping with grandma. It was almost like having a babysitter!

Liam had his 4 month check up today, he is in the 95th percentile for height and the 65th for weight so even though he looks like a chunk-a-monk (chunky monkey) he's actually tall and average weight. The doc cleared him to start on solid foods so we rushed to the store to buy rice cereal. We're hoping heavier food in his belly means a little longer sleep. Everything looks great with Liam, he is a superstar baby which is more than I can say for myself but we'll get to that in a minute.

I mixed some rice cereal with some pumped breast milk (tmi?) and Liam took to eating like a champ. I need some baby size bowls but otherwise I think we are set with adding solid foods to his diet. That was easy!

Now on to his less than stellar mommy and another swim fail. After a 12 minute continuous swim coach politely called 6 x 25 your choicer stroke. I boldly declared that I would like to lead the lane so I could work on fly and have clear water. That went well, I'm still using too much knee to kick, but I was happy with that short bit of practice.

The coach aka Major Pain called the main set:
400 IM
4 x 50 fly
300 IM
4 x 50 back
200 IM
4 x 50 breast
100 IM
4 x 50 free

If you aren't a swimmer and you are still reading this, I can summarize for you: that is one evil main set. I slapped on some fins since I haven't done that much non-free in over a year. Pregnancy puts a damper on fly... but I figured I could keep up with fins on.

The 400 IM went well enough, I was feeling nice and warm until we get half way through the 4 x 50 fly. By now I'm one arming the fly and "focusing on kicking". On the last 50 I was breathing heavy. On to 300 IM. Oh my goodness. That 75 fly took it out of me, I was instantly in survival mode. I made it through until the 4 x 50 breast when I had to take off my fins. Wah! That was the sound of me cracking.

Someday I will enjoy a workout like this. Not today though!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hubby took a hose to me

My triathlon bike looked like I was off roading it today after riding after a rain shower. It's been a long while since I've ridden on a day that wasn't sunny. It was great! Today I rode a whopping 1 hour 15 minutes and it felt better than the last time I rode. Cycling is my least favorite of the sports that make up triathlon. I like it because it gets you out in nature and seeing things from a different perspective but even with that it gets mentally tough to be riding for hours on end like you do for Ironman training.

Oregon road grime

After the hose

Tomorrow we take Liam in for his 4 month check-up which means more shots for his vaccinations. Bummer dude. We are hoping the pediatrician clears Liam to eat rice cereal. Perhaps a photo of that tomorrow?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wear tights to hold in jelly belly while running!

Yes I will be putting a million photos of my child on my blog. And yes! I will update my blog header, I am waiting for a good idea to strike me. I feel creative about once a month and that hasn't happened for a while... I wonder? Anyway, today was good: I cooked, I cuddled, I watched some olympics, went for a run with the baby and did laundry.

Typically, I get cabin fever during the winter. I still have it this year, I just can't do a lot about it. Sometimes when the cloud cover is low and isn't moving, I feel claustrophobic and worry I'm going to end up on meds or something. That's when it's time to start trip planning or just get the heck out of Corvallis. Liam isn't quite on board with that plan yet so I spend my early morning awake hours with Liam fantasizing about our future active life. I miss camping with the dog and convincing Bill to load the car full of stuff some we can pitch a tent in some random place.

I'm not the only one with a poochy tummy around here! For now, I'll just keep thinking positive thoughts about smaller tummies and trips.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My funny valentine

Look at what Liam made mommy at daycare today! I can't tell you how happy these little things make me. It's like peace, warmth, and joy flooding my heart all at once. This over some paper hearts on top of pipe cleaners.

Two funny valentines!

Something important happened today: Liam started rolling over. This means no more leaving baby to lay by himself on the couch or other places. From this point forward, we have to keep an eye on this little guy and make sure he doesn't get himself in trouble. No more tiny baby.

How did this happen? It seems like I get to see firsts every couple of days right now, like the first time he saw himself naked in the mirror and he exclaimed "ooooh aaahh!" I just want time to stand still for a few days so I can take it all in and just hold on to these moments. Our Wittle Ittles isn't little anymore.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The weather doesn't matter

It must be spring! On Tuesday we had sunshine and temps in the mid-50s so after work I got out on the bike again, for the 2nd time in a year. Just a quick hour long ride but it was wonderful.

Today I was off work but I had a meeting on campus so I packed Liam's stuff and went with me. He did great and slept the entire time. Then I drug him around my office and let everyone hold him, I love the smiles he brings everywhere he goes.

After lunch we had a short nap and then put on our rain gear, because it was pouring rain (spring?) and loaded the jogging stroller in the car and headed for the trails.

Where am I going in the rain?

Once we got up to the Saddle, I could see it was raining pretty good. Typically the trees shield a lot of the wind and rain so it's usually nicer in the forest but it didn't look so good at the start. Bill ran the 6.6 mile loop with the dog while I pushed Liam uphill in the stroller for about 25 minutes to the first turn where it starts to get flat.

We have a rain coat for the stroller so Liam was snug as a bug inside and fell asleep easily. I, on the other hand, was huffing and puffing pushing 25 pounds of baby in the stroller and lugging 15 extra pounds of fat on my body. It didn't feel the way I remember it felt the last time I ran here. I got back to the car just before Bill and even though we were wet, it was great to get Liam out on the "trails" for the first time.

We hustled home and I threw together some "recovery" soup (tomato soup + V8 + veg broth + diced tomato + macaroni + fresh spinach + swiss cheese).

After dinner Liam had a warm bath and went straight to bed and that's where I'm heading too here shortly. A nice week so far!

Monday, February 08, 2010

The green police

I have been enjoying life and enjoying baby and just had no time or inclination to blog lately. I made it out for a trail run on Saturday and a short bike ride on Sunday so I'm feeling active again which feels great!

I didn't get to watch much of the Super Bowl but there was one ad that hit home with me: the green police ad. My husband is constantly pulling things out of the garbage can and lecturing me about what can be recycled. Clothing price tags are a big one with him and cause for an eye roll from me. He does have a good reason for it, other than the environment, it is his profession to find ways to reduce waste, but living with the green police is surreal. He even lectures our guests when they come over. It almost makes us hippies which is horrifying to me!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Getting things done from my sickbed

Hi! Sorry for the delay in programming, I was in survival mode for the past week and the blog was low priority. One good thing did happen while we were sick. I was lying in bed, checking my email and being miserable when United Airlines sent out an email blast that you can fly to Hawaii for 32,000 miles (instead of 40,000). Bill and I both happen to have that many miles and we had previously talked about going to Hawaii post baby when I was pregnant.

So guess where we are going at the end of April? Maui! For 10 days! And we're bringing my mom so she can hang out with the baby while we snorkel and hike and have fun. I can't wait!!!! We're booking a condo today so we'll be able to cook our own meals and have a nice home base in Kihei across the street from the beach.

Bill took Liam out to work in the garage so mommy could have a break. I could sleep for a week straight right now. We're still congested but doing better. Last night, Liam slept from 7:30 pm to 3:45 am!!!! Then he slept from 4:15 - 6am before I brought him in bed with me and we slept in until 7:30 am. His best night of sleep ever. If he does this again, I might actually survive 4 months of sleep deprivation. I have Wednesdays off from work and love spending the day with baby.
Being sick put me behind on training. Who am I kidding? I'm not training, I'm just getting workouts in occasionally. I did manage to go lift weights yesterday, something I know I have to do in order to transform my body, and I better get used to feeling sore because I was lifting the little weights and I'm tender.

Liam and Bunny F00 Foo

My former boss loves Liam and on Wednesdays she likes me to bring him to her office during lunch so she can babysit while I go swim. It works out for everyone! I might try to do girl's night trainer ride so that will be 2 workouts after lifting weights yesterday. Getting out of bed at 3:30 am to feed baby might be challenging.

Liam learned to walk while we were on blog break! I love those jammies. Anyway, we are doing better around here but I had a moment of clarity during all the sleep deprivation and sickness. I'm really not that tough. Somehow, I convinced myself that because I work hard and exercise a lot that I was somehow tougher than the average person. Being a parent has clarified something important to me: I'm not that tough. I just like to workout. That doesn't make me any tougher than the typical soccer mom who works her butt off carting kids around and struggling to balance life. It was a good lesson in humility.