Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Whoa baby

Liam smiling at Grandma Fleck
The sun is still shining here in Arizona but our little baby has been kicking our butts. It started last night, Liam seemed to sense that daddy had a morning meeting in Phoenix to get to so he woke up every 2 hours (or less) so we wouldn't get any decent sleep. Once daddy left for the day, mommy thought she would get a nap in while baby slept but baby didn't think sleep was necessary but fussing was!

Daddy swaddling baby so he won't go to sleep. It's not supposed to work that way!

Finally Liam slept about 1pm. I got one hour of sleep and then got up to make lunch when I heard a familiar sound WAH WAH! Maybe he knows we are going home tomorrow and he doesn't want to leave his Fleck family behind. All I can say is I am soooo tired. I've been tired before, and this feels like that. Tired.

Cousin Kiera holding the baby who won't sleep

We managed to get out for a short walk before it got dark today and we saw the most amazing thing ever! A monster size truck painted hot pink rolled up to one of houses we were walking past and we saw a giant "Barbie" sticker on the back window. Bill said, "We have to see who gets out of that truck. I'm guessing blond hair, breast implants, and high heels." You just don't see this kind of stuff in small town Oregon. So we pretended like we were doing something with the stroller but really we were staring.

The monster truck door opened and a foot with a white sneaker and then jean capris dangled out in front of us and then out popped a short little teenager. Bummer! Just another spoiled teen! I was hoping a Cougar in her mid forties was coming out. We are easily amused. Sorry if that was boring but a hot pink monster truck! With Barbie on the window!

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