Monday, January 25, 2010

We're thick

We're all sick here, I think we can credit Liam's daycare for his first illness. Poor boy, my throat is absolutely killing me so I can't imagine how he feels. He has been sleeping it off for the most part, we have only had to resort to a car ride once when he wouldn't stop crying. I desperately want to take some cough medicine but I'm still "breastfeeding" which means pumping 3 times a day and I want him to have the benefit of any antibodies I'm generating. Probably futile but I can't quite give it up. Babies his age can't take any medicine so I'll suffer with him.

Not much else going on here. No working out, no work (for me), not much to report. Please wish us good health soon. It doesn't seem right for a baby his size to be sick, it's breaking my heart every time he cries.

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Fitness Integral said...

That sounds like no fun. :( Good for you for pumping for him. :) Hope you all feel better soon!