Monday, January 11, 2010

We went nuts

Our return trip home from Phoenix went great, somehow Liam is in better spirits on an airplane then he is at home with mommy. I could have used a flight this morning at 4am to put that child to sleep but that is another story, one I know too well as it turns out! My parents drove over from Spokane on Friday for Christmas part 3 and they arrived with more presents for our now well outfitted child. My sister and her boyfriend arrived on Saturday so we had a full house and the #1 babysitter on the planet here (my mom) so we went nuts!

We had all day Saturday until baby's bedtime to ourselves and we didn't sit down for a second. You might think we would exercise a bunch, go spend time with friends, or go out on a date or something fun but you would be WRONG!!!

We rented a Uhaul truck which we spent all day loading with stuff from our garage and then put all of our crap I mean stuff in a storage unit. We are almost able to put a car in our garage now. Can you believe it? This is another step toward putting our house up for sale and there was no way we could get this done without a day long babysitter in the house.

Then we went to the local furniture store and bought a dining room table. We have been sitting on the couch to eat for the past 3 years, it was insane. Having a table means getting to sit together with family and that is the best of all!


D said...

Couch dining rocks!

Amanda Whitmire said...

Love the dining set! Did you put one of the sofas in storage? Mission style is at the top of my list. I love real wood furniture, and the clean lines and craftsmanship in mission style stuff can't be beat! Hmm...this has me thinking about dinner at your place! ;-)