Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tougher than the Navy Seals

Shocking news: the baby started sleeping after I wrote my last blog. The poor little guy has a cold so I don't know if that is why he is sleeping or if it is our awesome parenting. :) Last night he slept 8 pm - 3am. We heard him at 3am and it was practically a party. We both jumped up out of bed and went in his room to congratulate him on his longest sleep ever. He must have been exhausted from a week and a half of bad sleep.

A very unflattering outfit for a walk/run today. Old clothes, new post baby body. Ugh. Someday the clothes will fit right again. Anyway, it was almost 50 degrees and sunny so after Liam's morning nap I went out for some exercise. Joyous! Sun! Sleeping baby and sun is a great day.

Mama and baby having dinner. Does he look like me at all? He's got his daddy's hair line for sure!

A few years ago I watched a show about Navy Seals training and came away thinking that people who attempt that career path are studs. They make them do a bunch of crazy stuff like lift a big log over their heads multiple times and jump in freezing cold water at 3 am but the hardest thing they have to deal with is sleep deprivation. I have a whole new perspective on life now that I have a child. There are parents out there who go through amazing things (way tougher than us) and could give the Navy Seals good competition in the mental toughness category. I also believe that the average woman who gives birth to a child is tougher than the average Ironman. I have ultimate respect for single mom's who deal with all of it by themselves. I can't imagine doing this without Bill.

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MM said...

Not to slight the Seals in the least, but they really only have to get through 25 weeks of training. By the time you gave birth you were already well past that :-) I of course doubt I could do either.