Saturday, January 02, 2010

On foot in Chandler AZ

Bill's parents live in a nice area of Chandler AZ so my hour long walks are pretty interesting. The photo above is an example of some of the lot sizes, architecture, and landscaping that is common in this area.

My white husband took his shirt off for our walk today, mostly to make me laugh I'm sure. It was 70 degrees here today and very nice, but it's January and I'm sure the locals thought he was super cool. Anyway, there are empty lots of dirt next to some of the homes here.

In addition to empty lots there are homes that have obviously been abandoned and have been on the market too long. This house was next to what looked like a home that was worth close to a million dollars.

It looked like the landscaping was the first to go at this once epic house.

Most people are still doing well around here though. I could see myself living here, if I didn't have to pay for it that is.

Or I could live here too. I don't need 2 stories to be happy.

How about a 6 car garage? This has to be larger than the entire lot our house resides on.

Bill thought this car would be nice for his next mid life crisis. Back to Liam photos tomorrow! Liam is my mid life crisis.

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D said...

No mid-life crisis required for that car. It's AWESOME!